Patient FAQ’s

How do I use Sensi Chews?

Sensi Chews are ailment-specific and you can tailor use depending on what you want to address. For example, if you have trouble sleeping due to pain or an inability to stay asleep, use Sensi Chew Insomnia, or if you have extreme pain and high THC tolerance use Sensi Chew Extra Strength.  Take a look at the Functional Medicine chart for more information on ailment and chew types.

How long do Sensi Chews last?

The effects of a Sensi Chew can vary depending on your cannabis tolerance and sensitivity, body weight, metabolism, and what you have eaten.  For most patients it lasts between 4-8 hours.

How much Sensi Chew should I take?

Start with a low dose to see how your body reacts.  New users should start with 5-10MG and adjust from there to achieve desired results. Wait at least 90 minutes before consuming more to avoid over-consuming.  Each chew package contains 4-25MG doses, and 1-25MG dose in considered an average for an experienced user. New users should consume less and experienced, high tolerance users can use more.

What happens if I have too much?

Consuming too much Sensi Chew can create an uncomfortable feeling. This can happen to new users who have not identified their ideal dose. Typical symptoms include rapid heartbeat, anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness. Best to stay home or in a safe place until the effects wear off, which can be from 4-12 hours depending on the amount consumed. Do not drive a car or make any importance decisions.

How long will Sensi Chew last in the package?

Sensi Chew stay fresh and soft for approximately 90 days.  The cannabis extract does not lose its potency for up to 6 months, although the texture may become firm.

How do I open the package?

In the lower right corner where is says “Open”, bend the corner of the plastic down.  The corner of the label will separate from the plastic.  The edge of the label is adhesive enabling the package to reseal any unused material.

How much is in 1 Sensi Chew package?

Sensi Chew packages vary in strength depending on the chew.  For example, Sensi Chew Extra Strength is 200MG per pack in 4-50MG doses, while most chews in the Sensi family are 100MG per pack in 4-25MG doses.  Sensi Chew Amore is 50MG per pack in 2-25MG doses.  New users should consume less and experienced, high tolerance users may use more to achieve desired results.

Can I mix Sensi Chews with other medications?

It is not recommended that Sensi Chews be combined with any other medications as the effects are unknown.  Use Sensi Chews responsibly and carefully.

Can I drive when using Sensi Chews?

Extreme caution should be used when driving or operating machinery.  In small doses it can take the edge off pain and other symptoms without impairment, but in larger doses in can slow reflexes and judgement.  Use Sensi Chews responsibly.

Will I experience any side effects using Sensi Chews?

Studies have shown that cannabis use does not have any long term side effects. Prolonged use will likely result in an increased tolerance which is typical for any medication.