Safety Tips

Tips for safe, effective and smooth experience.

start-slowStart Slow

Its best to start slow and see how your body reacts. Everyone’s metabolism, physiology and tolerance is different and with a little testing you’ll learn what works best for you.

dont-mixDon’t Mix

Mixing Sensi Chews with alcohol or other drugs can have severe negative effects. Sensi Chews contain a potent cannabis extract and is designed to work best alone.

be-comfortableBe Comfortable

Being in a comfortable and safe environment is always best. Stay home or a familiar place, and be with family and friends.

hydrate-eat Hydrate and Eat

Drink plenty of water and eat a meal when using Sensi Chews. You’ll feel best if you stay hydrated and property fueled with healthy food.

know-doseKnow Your Dose

Knowing what dose amount works best for you is important to having a good experience. Dosing rule of thumb: 5-10MG for new or low tolerance, 10-20MG for average tolerance, 20-30MG for high tolerance.

be-patient Be Patient

Sensi Chews can take over 1 hour to reach a maximum effect Be patient and wait at least 1 hour before consuming more. For faster onset let the chew melt slowing under your tongue and in your mouth.

dont-drive Don’t Drive

Cannabis edibles can impact your judgement and coordination. Be safe and responsible. Don’t drive, operate machinery, sign docu- ments or make important decisions that require you to think clearly.

call-911 Feel Sick, Call 911 or Wait it Out

If you have a bad experience or reaction, play it safe and have a friend take you to the ER or call 911. Cannabis effects will pass with time, so you just have to wait it out.