“The reason I’m now a Sensi Chew believer is because it’s so convenient, I LOVE that it’s a measured dose, I never have to worry about taking too much. I travel for business and can medicate without fear, without hiding. I can even medicate on a plane! I know my dose and know what to expect. I’ve tried some of the cookies, brownies and chocolates and nothing is as effective and easy, and reliable as a Sensi Chew. They usually last me 4-5 days and it’s affordable for me.”

RichardModesto CA

“This is the perfect medicine for me. Because of the relief Sensi Chew Sativa gives me, I’ve been able to eliminate most pharmaceutical pain management. I wish all people who suffer from autoimmune disease, chronic pain, anxiety and nausea had access to this medicine. With Sensi Chew I never worry about consistency and potency. My quality of life has improved a great deal and I’m finally able to care for my family with a smile. Thanks Sensi Chew!“

NoreenMission Viejo CA

“Sensi Chews are delicious, and the portion and price are right on. I was thrilled because I only use medical marijuana on an as needed basis for anxiety. It provides relief and allows me to be functional without being too stoned. I especially like the packaging because it is discreet and portable. Sensi Chew Energy makes me feel happy and relaxed and does not make me have the munchies or make me forgetful. My husband and children thank you too because a happy wife and mother makes for a happy home :)”

JulieWestlake Village CA

“3-years ago I was in a bad motorcycle accident that shattered my pelvis and sliced the sciatic nerve.  Since then I have no feeling from my knee down but there is severe burning and tingling that makes it impossible to sleep. I’ve experimented with many different edibles. Once I discovered Sensi Chew Indica I was able to sleep through the night and with more reduction in pain.  I recommend Sensi Chew to family and friends because it works.”

PaulSan Jose CA

“For years I have suffered from insomnia and averaged four hours of sleep per night. I’d taken doctor prescribed medication with little success. With Sensi Chew Insomnia I sleep so well, which was almost impossible before. I eat one piece before I go to bed and now my sleep pattern is much more regular. I almost always get at least six hours and eight hours is no longer an impossible dream!!”

GerrySanta Cruz CA