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Natural Pain Relief

Cannabis is a natural pain reliever. THC and CBD help to reduce inflammation which is the primary cause of pain and discomfort.

Better Sleep, Better Health

A good nights sleep in the most important thing we can for our bodies. Cannabis relaxes the body and mind so we can sleep deeply.

Alternative to Opiods

Cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBN, and CBG help to combat pain by reducing inflammation. 90% of people using cannabis use it for chronic pain.
Take control of your health and wellness!

Do you suffer from insomnia and sleep disorders?

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 80 million American adults are sleep deprived. About one third of us suffer from sleep disorders. Common insomnia can range from taking longer to fall asleep or waking up in the middle of the night. Not getting enough sleep can lead to a myriad of serious health issues, such as depression, stroke, obesity, and psychosis. Sensi is here to help. Let’s learn more together. Take our sleep survey and we’ll share the results with you.

Do you suffer from chronic pain?

Pain can range from uncomfortable to unbearable, and is an important part of our bodies effort to keep us healthy. When tissue is damaged the nerves send messages to our brain letting us know something is wrong. Our bodies are complex and pain can come from many sources. Learning how to address pain is not always easy or obvious. Sensi is here to help. Let’s learn more together. Take our pain survey and we’ll share the results with you.

Feel Good Today, and Everyday


As humans we know all too well about NOT feeling good.  Pain. Insomnia. Stress. Exhaustion. Anxiety.  Somedays it can be unbearable. But there’s a better way. Sensi Brands makes it easy to get on the path to feeling yourself again with cannabis products that work great.


Finding the cannabis product that works best for you takes a little trial and discovery, but once you find what works, it’s magic. Sensi Brands offers cannabis products each designed for unique lifestyles.


Cannabis has been on our planet for thousands of years providing relief for a wide range of conditions from mild to severe. Sensi Brands believes cannabis is the future of medicine. That’s why we invest in research, consumer surveys and scientific collaborations.

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