Having a good relationship with intimacy and sex is an important aspect of a happy romantic relationship and a healthy lifestyle. Many people are fortunate to have a loving partner and the mental and physical health to have positive sexual experiences, but not everyone is so lucky. Some people through age, health issues, or even marital problems need a little extra help to achieve the feeling they are looking for. Many of the available solutions have serious, unwanted side effects that may require medical attention, but there is a viable, effective alternative. Studies show cannabis can be used to enhance sexual experiences with its ability to improve physical responses and relax the mind. There are many appealing reasons to replace typical sexual enhancement drugs with cannabis. 


For a number of reasons, sex might not always be an enjoyable experience. As people age, their sex drive tends to drop off as hormone production and energy levels are reduced and their body will make far less estrogen or testosterone, the hormones that help create sex drive. Health issues can also present problems. Conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and arthritis can affect sex drive or make sex physically difficult. Those who have unhealthy habits like smoking or drinking too much may also find their sex drive reduced. The mind can also affect desire and enjoyment. Stress, low self-esteem, poor body image, and conditions like anxiety and depression can all have a negative impact on sex drive and performance. With the variety of problems that can take away from someone’s sexual experience, it’s no wonder people turn to medications for help. 


Many prescription drugs have been developed to assist with sexual enjoyment. For men, there are a few widely known medications that can assist with performance. Drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra have been shown to be effective for men experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED). These medications are appealing, but side effects like flu-like symptoms, low blood pressure, and memory problems can create a number of health problems far more serious than ED. There are prescription drugs to enhance sex for women as well. A drug called Flibanserin is regularly prescribed to help women improve their libido. Common side effects of Flibanserin include low blood pressure, dizziness, nausea, and fatigue, which can have the reverse effect the drug intends. Another common suggestion to help improve sex drive is to change the type of antidepressant someone might be taking. This can be a slippery slope, as the change in brain chemistry brought on by a change in medication can cause serious mental health problems. While these drugs seem to have just as many benefits as detriments, there is an option that has far more pros than cons. 


Cannabis has been used to enhance sex for hundreds of years, but after prohibition, modern medicine is only now finding out exactly why and how. Many studies, from more recent years to decades ago, found about two- thirds of users felt cannabis enhanced their sexual experience. Of this group, almost all indicated it made sex more pleasurable every time. Because of cannabis’ versatility, there are a number of reasons for these findings. If someone were to use a cannabis product that focuses on CBD, they might be able to reduce their anxiety before a sexual encounter, allowing them to feel confident and perform the way they want to. Products with higher doses of THC can give the user a happy, relaxed mental state to help get them in the mood and make sex feel physically better. Receptors that take in CBD are spaced out all over the body, giving it a broader, less intense effect, while THC receptors are focused heavily in the brain and spinal cord, two parts of the body in constant communication with the body’s nerves. 

While using cannabis to enhance sex can be a great experience, there are some helpful guidelines to follow. It’s important to remember there can be too much of a good thing. Consuming more THC than tolerance allows can take away from mental focus or make someone feel lethargic or paranoid. Finding the right dose to reach the desired effect is a significant part of using cannabis for sex. It is also good to understand how cannabinoids influence each other. Products with CBD and THC are different in that the cannabinoids will bring out the best aspects of each other and reduce the effects of less than desirable traits, such as too much THC making someone feel ‘too high’. Sensi has a wide variety of clearly labeled products that can help the user and their partner have more fulfilling sexual experiences. 


Sensi has great products that can help improve sexual experiences. Sensi Chew Amoré has 5mg of THC per dose in a chewy chocolate caramel to help the consumer relax and feel good. It also includes Tongkat Ali, a natural aphrodisiac popular in Southeast Asia. These two ingredients combine to enhance intimacy for both males and females. Other Sensi Products, such as Sensi Chew Hybrid or Sensi Chew Sativa, are effective in improving mindset going into an activity or the physical feelings during due to the higher THC contents (9mg THC per dose). Sensi Chew CBD Gold is yet another effective edible which utilizes both THC and CBD in equal parts. This product can help relax the user to help get them in the mood, enhance physical feelings, and can relieve anxiety surrounding sex. For each situation and each individual, there is a product that will work for them.

“I’m a mom of 4 and [Sensi Chew Amoré] keeps me going all day, as well as my stress levels and anxiety stay very minimal throughout the day with my patience with kids and keeps me not so tightly wound up. My husband doesn’t mind me on it either (;” – Amy


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